IT and Outsourcing

Ræder has long and extensive experience with assisting national and international players in the IT industry, both on the supplier and customer sides, and has several lawyers with backgrounds in the IT industry.

The industry and its products are constantly developing and this raises new legal issues. We place great emphasis on our lawyers having a good technical understanding, that they follow the industry closely and that they are continually updated about the new legal issues that arise.

Our areas of assistance include

  • Software-as-a-Service Agreements (Saas)
  • GDPR and information security - contracts
  • Outsourcing, multi-sourcing and cloud services
  • Development and implementation projects
  • Public procurement and competitive tenders within IT
  • E-commerce, including advice relating to payment solutions, personal privacy and regulatory matters
  • Domain issues
  • Issues related to personal privacy
  • Rights issues, regulation of rights, rights infringements, surveying and dispute resolution.
  • Regulatory issues and requirements for products and services
  • Advice, assistance in negotiations and dispute resolutions for failed technology projects
  • Contract preparation and negotiations, including:
    • License agreements for software, technology and services
    • Operating agreements and SLAs
    • Development agreements and technology transfers
    • Consultancy agreements
    • Service, maintenance and support agreements

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