Media and Entertainment

The media and entertainment sector has undergone enormous changes since the internet got a firm foothold, and nothing indicates that the time of disruption is over. The industry is experiencing increased attention on matters relating to media law, marketing law and copyrights and IP rights.

Ræder advises a wide range of companies in the media and entertainment sector and has  in-depth knowledge on the legal issues the companies in the sector typically face -also from an international perspective. Whether you’re working in television, film,music, an artist or are using and publishing material on the internet and online networks, it is important to understand the legal framework you must operate in and most importantly how to protect your rights. 

Intellectual Property

Among the most valuable assets of many businesses and organisations are intellectual property (IP) rights. Businesses require innovative means of developing, exploiting and protecting these assets. Ræder has one of Norway’s leading IP departments and vast experience assisting clients establish, secure and enforce all forms of intellectual property rights. We regularly handle contracts, drafts and negotiate on behalf of clients. 

Privacy and GDPR

All businesses processing personal data must comply to new privacy regulations. These policies are particularly relevant to businesses in the sector. Ræder advises on all aspects on personal data protection and the GDPR and regularly handles cases before the DPA.

Dispute Resolutions and Litigation

Ræder regularly handles enforcement of copyrights cases and dispute resolution before the courts.


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