Public and Government Relations

In Norway, the vast majority of business life is meticulously regulated, and the frameworks defined by the authorities have a great impact. Succeeding in Norway requires an understand of and compliance with Norwegian law, an understanding of the regulatory processes, insight to Norwegian public policy and knowledge on how policy is formed.

Several of Ræder’s lawyers have extensive experience from both top-level government work and  local politics. With legal, commercial and political experience our lawyers have a holistic view and advise foreign and national clients on public policy and governmental affairs. We have advised companies, organizations and individuals and helped them to succeed in their endeavours, whether they worked to achieve an amendment to a piece of legislation or were merely seeking permission under the Planning and Building Act.

Ræder’s team of lawyers have worked to influence the framework conditions both from inside the system and as external lawyers. They also have extensive media experience, and guide clients through the complexity of business, government and society.

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