Ræder has for many years worked closely with a wide range of companies in the technology sector. We have in-depth knowledge and understand issues that companies in the sector typically face throughout their lifecycle. Our clients span from startups and entrepreneurs, innovation clusters, listed companies to multinational corporations.

We typically advise companies in start-up and growth phases with issues such as establishment, tax structures, property rights, securing assets, contractual work, funding and financing. Ræder also coordinates all national and international legal work for some of our larger clients in the sector and assist them in with amongst other establishing international corporate structures, international contracts and drafting agreements.

A number of Ræder’s lawyers have played key roles in leading technology companies, and have been instrumental in a large number of transactions. In 2015-2017 alone, Ræder assisted listed technology companies with placements and financing issues with a value of NOK 3.5 billion. Our lawyers, several with broad international experience, handled all legal matters also on the larger cross border transactions involving international investment funds.

Several of our lawyers hold a number of board positions in the technology sector, including companies listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Some of the typical legal issues we advise on in the sector include:

Intellectual Property Rights and Marketing Law

Ræder has one of Norway’s largest and most experienced IP departments. We help clients across industries secure intellectual property rights, be it trademarks, designs, domains and/or company names. The team manages trademark and design portfolios on behalf of companies or licensors. We have broad experience negotiating and drafting international technology contracts.

Privacy and GDPR

As of June 2018 all businesses that process personal data must comply to the new privacy regulations. These policies are of particular importance to businesses in the technology sector. Our lawyers have extensive experience with notifications and license applications to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority and regularly handle cases and hearings before the Privacy Appeals Board.

Corporate M&A

Ræder advises national and international clients across industries with transactions - often across national borders. Several of our lawyers have acquired a great deal of their expertise abroad, three of them from New York (licensed practitioners in New York State, having a combined experience of 20 years of practicing law in the state). We are often prefered advisors on cross border deals.

Stock Exchanges and Capital Markets

Our lawyers have extensive experience advising listed companies companies in the technology sector. We handle transactions, advise on stock exchange regulations, compliance, corporate governance and insider trading legislation.

Taxes and Duties

Good advice and effective tax planning can give your company a competitive edge, it can also affect strategy. On-going advice on tax and duties related issues is a sound investment and a better solution to calling in an emergency team following a tax audit or an inspection from the tax administration.

Corporate Law

Regardless of what life cycle stage a business is in, Ræder's attorneys specializing in corporate law regularly advise managers, governing bodies and shareholders on operations, management and governance issues.

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