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Over the years, Ræder has assisted US and Norwegian clients on cross-border investments and transactions. Carl Garmann Clausen and Erik Salbu Aasland, head Ræders US Corporate Desk. Both are partners at Ræder, admitted to the Bar both in Norway and in the State of New York, USA and have extensive experience practicing law in both jurisdictions. As the first law firm in the Nordic region, Ræder has been appointed as an OTC Markets Sponsor and assists Nordic companies with application and admission to OTC Markets.
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Ræders US Corporate Desk facilitates Nordic-US business opportunities in a time-efficient manner with a team that understands international standards, rules and regulations as well as the cultural differences. Ræder regularly advises Norwegian companies when expanding their business to the US market and in US business dealings. Conversely, we also act for US clients when doing business with and into Norway. Our team advises on cross border M&A and other business transactions, and on investments between Norway and the US. The team on our US Corporate Desk includes attorneys with substantial experience in securities laws, corporate law, contracts and M&A transactions.

OTC Markets sponsor

Advokatfirmaet Raeder, has broad expertise and experience in capital markets and securities law and is approved as the first Norwegian law firm to serve as an OTC Markets Sponsor. Advokatfirmaet Raeder assists clients who wish to cross-trade in the United States on the OTCQX and OTCQB stock markets.

Publicly traded companies in the Nordic region can cross-trade on the OTCQX and OTCQB stock markets, utilizing their existing local filings and disclosures. Issuers can trade OTC Markets either through a Foreign Ordinary Share (F Share) or an American Depository Receipt (ADR), either Unsponsored or Sponsored. Trading on OTCQX and OTCQB is a proven way for companies to grow their US shareholder base, increase local marker liquidity, and achieve fair valuation without the cost and complexity of a traditional US exchange listing. 

Ræder has assisted several listed companies on the Oslo Stock Exchange with their applications to OTC Markets for listing on OTCQX and OTCCQB

Q&A: OTC Markets, F Shares, OTCQX and OTCQB

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Podcasts 🎧

In this special episode of Ræders podcast 'Accessing the US Capital Markets', partner Erik Aasland speaks to Joe Coveney VP Corporate Services i OTC Markets. Trading on OTC Markets can be a way for companies to grow their US shareholder base, increase local marker liquidity, and achieve fair valuation without the cost and complexity of a traditional US exchange listing.

Ræder partners Erik Salbu Aasland and Carl Garmann Clausen guest OTC Markets Group latest Advisor Insights Podcast. They provide valuable insights for publicly traded international companies that are considering cross trading on the OTC Markets. 

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Accessing the US Capital Markets

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Joint Ræder and OTC Markets event focusing on the benefits of cross-trading in the U.S. capital markets for publicly-traded Norwegian companies. Learn how companies can expand their investor base in the U.S. without the cost and complexity of listing on an exchange.

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