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  • NORWAY: An Introduction to Restructuring/Insolvency

    articleCreated with Sketch.4. April 2022

    Introduction to the current situation: A record-low number of insolvencies in the wake of the pandemic

  • Ræder ranked in Chambers and Partners

    articleCreated with Sketch.17. March 2022

    Ræder continues to hold strong rankings in the latest editions of Chambers Europe

  • Ræder ranked in WTR 1000

    articleCreated with Sketch.2. March 2022

    This week, World Trademark Review 1000: The World's Leading Trademark Professionals was released. Ræders IP team is ranked within Prosecution and strategy aswell as enforcement and litigation.

  • Geir Even Asplin new partner in Ræder!

    articleCreated with Sketch.25. January 2022

    We are pleased to welcome Geir Even Asplin as a new partner. Geir Even has been appointed partner in advokatfirmaet Ræder from 1 January 2022 and strengthens our position within tax and corporate.

  • NexWafe GmbH's €39 million series C financing round

    articleCreated with Sketch.7. January 2022

    Advokatfirmaet Ræder AS advised NexWafe GmbH on their India Strategic Partnership Agreement with Reliance Industries Limited subsidiary Reliance New Energy Solar Limited (RNESL).

  • Podcast: Accessing the US Capital Markets

    articleCreated with Sketch.25. October 2021

    In this special episode of Ræders podcast, partner Erik Aasland speaks to Joe Coveney VP Corporate Services i OTC Markets. Trading on OTC Markets can be a way for companies to grow their US shareholder base, increase local marker liquidity, and achieve fair valuation without the cost and complexity of a traditional US exchange listing.

  • Ræder ranked in World Tax

    articleCreated with Sketch.22. October 2021

    Ræder's Tax team with strong rankings in the 2022 edition of World Tax.

  • Ræder has advised TECO 2030 ASA on OTCQB Listing

    articleCreated with Sketch.2. July 2021

    Ræder has assisted TECO 2030 ASA and served as the company’s OTC Sponsor on their recent OTCQB Listing

  • IDEX Biometrics ASA Listed on Nasdaq

    articleCreated with Sketch.4. March 2021

    We would like to congratulate IDEX Biometrics ASA with its recent Nasdaq listing. IDEX Biometrics, a long-standing client of Ræder, is the leading provider of biometric identification and fingerprint sensor solutions and as of 1 March 2021 their shares are trading on the Nasdaq Capital Market, in addition to Oslo Børs.

  • Ship Arrest in Norway

    articleCreated with Sketch.30. November 2020

    Ræders partner Kyrre W. Kielland has written the norwegian chapter of 'Ship Arrest in practice' and gives an overview of Norwegian ship arrest/release law. The publication covers 93 jurisdictions.

  • OTC Markets

    Advokatfirmaet Raeder is an approved OTC Markets Sponsor and assists clients who wish to cross-trade in the United States with listings on the OTCQX and OTCQB stock markets. Find out more about OTC Markets, F Shares and OTCQX and OTCQB.

  • The Norwegian removal of the 350 kroner limit - implementations that you should be aware of in 2020

    articleCreated with Sketch.11. March 2020

    The Norwegian Parliament has decided that the so-called “350-kroner limit”, which has been giving tax exemption for goods purchased from abroad, be removed from 1 January 2020. The change has been implemented in a two-step process where the first step, which applies to goods defined as foodstuffs, goods subject to special duties and goods subject to restrictions, became effective from 1 January 2020. The second step, which will be implemented now from 1 April, will apply to all other goods. The second step requires that the foreign supplier be registered in the Norwegian VAT Register, f. ex. using a simplified registration scheme; VOEC.

  • Doing Business in Norway

    Ræder’s lawyers have extensive experience in assisting foreign companies in legal matters related to their business in Norway. Get an overview of the legal aspects of 'Doing business in Norway'

  • Ræder with strong rankings in World Tax and ILFR 1000

    articleCreated with Sketch.1. October 2019

    Ræder with strong rankings in the recently published survey World Tax and IFLR 1000.

  • Limitation of interest deduction – stricter rules for group companies

    articleCreated with Sketch.6. September 2019

    Due to Norwegian interest deduction limitation rules, a borrowing company does not necessarily have the right to deduct interest cost. If the borrowing company is part of a group there are even stricter rules introduced from 2019.

  • Corporate Immigration 2019

    articleCreated with Sketch.2. August 2019

    The Corporate Immigration Laws and Regulations Guide covers common issues in Norwegian corporate immigration laws and regulations – including compliance, investment work permits and dependants. It summarizes the obligations and processes that apply when working and living in Norway.

  • Product Liability 2019

    articleCreated with Sketch.3. June 2019

    Partners Kyrre W. Kielland and Ole André Oftebro have contributed the Norwegian chapter in the International Comparative Legal Guide to Product Liability.

  • The Cartels and Leniency Review

    articleCreated with Sketch.26. February 2019

    Ræder's experts are contributing authors to the norwegian chapter in the latest edition of 'The Cartels and Leniency Review'. The latest edition adresses the issues of growing importance to companies, namely the potential liability, both civil and criminal, that may arise from unlawful agreements with competitors as to price, markets or output.

  • A guide to working and living in Norway

    articleCreated with Sketch.16. August 2018

    If you are setting up an enterprise or business in Norway, transferring workers to Norway, or planning on becoming an expat in Norway, there are various obligations that employers and employees must comply to. This guide summarizes the obligations and processes that aply when working and living in Norway.

  • ICLG: Product Liability 2018

    articleCreated with Sketch.8. June 2018

    Partners Kyrre W. Kielland and Ole André Oftebro have contributed the Norwegian chapter in the International Comparative Legal Guide to Product Liability (16th ed.).

  • Franchisor right to evolve its brand

    articleCreated with Sketch.12. March 2018

    As in any well-crafted contract, the Franchise Agreement is designed to balance the needs of the franchisor to protect its concept and ensure consistency in how each of its licensees operates under the brand.

  • Agreements for compensation on termination

    articleCreated with Sketch.16. October 2017

    In Norway, distributors have no automatic right of compensation when the (distribution) agreement is terminated.

  • L2B Aviation: Is the US-EU Open Sky Agreement "open" to low cost airlines?

    articleCreated with Sketch.26. May 2017

    Ræder lawyers Alexander Wiesner Barg and Kyrre W. Kielland has written an article for the L2b Aviation network: «Is the US-EU Open Sky Agreement "open" to low cost airlines?»

  • ICLG: Project Finance 6/2017

    articleCreated with Sketch.19. February 2018

    Partners Anne Christine Wettre and Kyrre W. Kielland have written the Norwegian chapter on project financing in the International Comparative Legal Guide (ed. 6/2017).

  • ICLG: Product Liability 2017

    articleCreated with Sketch.3. April 2017

    Partners Kyrre W. Kielland and Ole André Oftebro have written the Norwegian chapter on product liability in the International Comparative Legal Guide (15th Ed.)

  • ICLG: Lending and Secured Finance 2017

    articleCreated with Sketch.3. April 2017

    Partners Kyrre W. Kielland and Anne Christine Wettre have written the Norwegian chapter on lending and secure finances in the International Comparative Legal Guide 2017.

  • Changes to the rules on non-competition, non-solicitation and non-recruitment clauses in employment agreements

    articleCreated with Sketch.14. September 2016

    As of 1.1.2016 Norway has implemented substantial changes to the rules regarding non-competition, non-solicitation and non-recruitment clauses in employment agreements. The new regulations can be found in the Working Environment Act ('WEA') chapter 14. Indirectly the new rules will limit the possibility to enforce restrictive covenants that are entered into on an 'entity level' in distribution/agency and franchise arrangements.

  • The Norwegian Supreme court deny plaintiffs from outside EU/EAA protection under the Lugano Convention

    articleCreated with Sketch.19. March 2016

    Agents and other intermediates are often involved in cross border activities. Unless properly handled in the contractual relationship - international transactions may result in difficult issues about competence of the courts and choice of law.

  • Aviation financing in Norway

    articleCreated with Sketch.10. February 2016

    Partner Kyrre W. Kielland comments on Norwegian Airline economy in the "Aviation Law Yearbook" of 2016.

  • Is distribution of software covered by agency law?

    articleCreated with Sketch.5. June 2015

    The classification of software has emerged as a difficult issue for software companies who employ agents to sell their products.

  • Norwegian Supreme Court extend notice period of claims against the seller

    articleCreated with Sketch.14. March 2015

    Companies which sell their consumer products in the Norway should be aware that Norway has adopted legislation that extend beyond the minimum requirements of the EU Directive 1999/44. The legislation can be found in the Act on Consumer Purchase.

  • German case law: Termination compensation awarded to a Norwegian distributor

    articleCreated with Sketch.26. August 2013

    Until recently, Norwegian courts have not awarded (sole) distributors rights on termination of the distributorship. In a decision dated 4th of June 2013 the Norwegian appeal court ordered Webasto AG to pay its Norwegian distributor as a goodwill compensation.

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