Product Liability

Production, distribution and trade of products are subject to comprehensive national and international regulations.

Several Norwegian acts and regulations govern product safety and product liability, many of which are influenced by, or harmonized with, corresponding EU directives. Parts of the regulations govern any kind of products (e.g. the Norwegian Product Control Act and the Norwegian Product Liability Act), while other parts govern specific product categories (e.g. food, toys or electrical appliances).

Ræder’s Product Liability team assists large Norwegian and international corporations within several industry sectors, e.g. electronics, insurance and groceries. They are experts within product control, product liability and pharmaceutical liability, and offers qualified legal assistance within, inter alia, the following areas:

  • Compliance: Ensuring that the client’s routines are in compliance with regulations
  • Negotiations: Ensuring that liability issues are appropriately dealt with in the supply contracts
  • Dispute Resolution: Ensuring correct and appropriate settlement in case of damage
  • Training: Ensuring that the client’s employees are familiar with applicable regulations
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ICLG: Product Liability 2018


Partners Kyrre W. Kielland and Ole André Oftebro have contributed the Norwegian chapter in the International Comparative Legal Guide to Product Liability (16th ed.).

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ICLG: Product Liability 2017


Partners Kyrre W. Kielland and Ole André Oftebro have written the Norwegian chapter on product liability in the International Comparative Legal Guide (15th Ed.)

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